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Fusematic Bonding™ Automatically Fuses Metal at the Molecular Level

The integrated precision pneumatic control system automatically completes the fusion bonding operation within seconds after the start command is given producing accurate and consistent high-strength fusion of similar or dissimilar materials, in the atmosphere or underwater.   Many applications can be completed without surface preparation even on oily, dirty, rusty, rough, smooth and painted surfaces.

Portable:  Fusematic Bonding Systems are portable

Easy to Use:  Fusematic Bonding Systems are easy to use, and do not require welding expertise or certification to understand or operate.

Easy to Fit:  Fusematic mounting fixtures secure the system to flat or curved surfaces, pipes, beams or other type configurations.  Fusematic Fusion Bonding Systems have historically been used by the U.S. Government Department of Defense for underwater and above water military applications.

Safe, Cold Solution:  They use standard compressed air, eliminating the need for hydraulic and electrical components and can be used in areas where flames and sparks are prohibited.

A Better Way

The world is rapidly advancing and the need to develop better tools and technology is an on-going challenge.  As science and industry push the envelope through the discovery of new and exotic materials, Fusematic is working with them to engineer the tools and processes to bond them more effectively and more efficiently in any environment, with the highest regard for safety, ease of use, and cost reduction.  At Fusematic we’re always seeking to improve the products and the processes we deliver.  We view ourselves as part of the collaborative process of continuous improvement as we work with our clients to push the envelope, moving forward together to find… a better way.

Portable Fusion Bonding System Advantages:

  • Substantial Labor Savings

  • High Production Rates

  • Joints Withstand High Temperature Variations

  • Joint Strength Better than Parent Metal

  • Self-Cleaning Reduces Surface Prep Time/Cost

  • Control and Monitor Welding Parameters

  • Metal-to-metal Joints with Parent Metal Properties

  • Join Combinations of Steel and Non-Ferrous Metals

  • Components Can Be Stronger and Lighter

  • Simplification of Component Design

  • No Filler Metals, Fluxes, or Gasses Neded

  • Manual Loading or Optional Automatic Loading

  • Substitute Costly with Less Costly Material

  • Effectively Removes Oxides and Contaminants

  • Join Dissimilar Metal Combinations

  • Material Savings and Reduced Machining

  • Welded Joint Integrity is Very Reliable

  • Cost Reduction for Complex Forgings

  • Precise and Repeatable Process

  • Control over Post Weld Tolerances

  • Low Welding Stress

  • Low Energy Consumption

  • Environmental Friendly, No Fumes or Waste

  • Requires Less Skilled Labor

  • Simple and Clean Mechanical Operation

  • Ability to Weld Unequal Cross Sections

  • Reduces Scrap Parts Rate

  • Low Maintenance Cost

Fusematic Corporation

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