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Fusematic Bonding System (FBS)

Our proprietary Fusematic Bonding™ technology uses friction rather than flame to automatically bond metals at the molecular level, literally fusing them together achieving consistent, incredibly high-strength bonding in a fraction of the time, in a safer environment, and at significant cost savings.

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Fusematic Bonding™ Fuses Materials on the Surface, Underwater, and in Outer Space

Fusematic Bonding Systems represent the latest advancements in technology- taking friction welding into a new era of portability, safety, and capability.  We provide the tools, the technology, and the team to deliver the solutions you need. Wherever high-strength, consistent bonding is required, Fusematic should be on-site as a vital part of your operation… on the surface, underwater, or in outer space.  Contact us to discuss your specific needs and applications.

Military Shipping, Commercial Shipping, and Maritime:

  • Replacement of Studs for Anodes

  • Rigging

  • Grating

  • Barge Repair

  • Bumper Repair and Replacement

  • Ship Repair

  • Hot Taps

  • Instrumentation

  • Valve and Flange Repair

  • Partition Attachment

  • General Stud and Fastener Attachment

Petrochemical and Processing Plants:

  • Replacement of Studs

  • Rigging

  • Grating

  • Instrumentation Valve

  • Leak Repair

  • Storage Tank Leak Repair

  • Insulation Attachment

  • Tank Car Repairs

  • Strong Backs

  • Hot Tapping

  • General Stud and Fastener Attachmen

Automotive and Heavy Equipment:

  • Replacement of Conventional Robotic Stud Welding

  • Manufacturing of Components

  • Assembly Line Setup

  • Engine Block Stud Placement

  • Valve Dissimilar Metal Manufacturing

  • Shaft Metal Manufacturing

  • Field Repair

  • Field Modifications

  • Grating Attachment

  • Plant Operation Support

Manufacturing and Machine Shops:

  • Attachment of Fasteners

  • Assembly of Systems

  • Assembly of Two or More Components

  • Instrumentation

  • Metal to Ceramics

  • Assembly of Plumbing Fixtures

  • Assembly of Office Equipment

  • Joining of Dissimilar Materials for Tools

  • Joining of Dissimilar Material for Components

  • Dissimilar Material Electrical Connectors

  • Specialized Applications

NASA, Aerospace, and Military

  • Replacement of Studs

  • Assembly of Space Stations

  • Plugging of Inferior Welds

  • Instrumentation

  • Naval Marine Applications

  • Equipment Repair in the Field

  • Manufacturing an Assembly of Components

  • Temporary Metal Structure Assembly

  • Field Modifications to Equipment

  • Rigging

  • Hot Tapping

  • Specialized Applications

NASA, Aerospace, and Military

  • Installation of Anodes

  • Emergency Ship Repair

  • Installation of Hot Taps

  • Installation of Cover Plates

  • Installed Equipment on Fuel Tank

  • Installation of Special Classified Equipment

  • Installation of Anodes on Mooring Chains

  • Installation of studs on curved surface

​Fusematic Corporation has performed projects for the U.S. Navy NAVSEA, NAVFAC, SPAWAR, NAVAIR, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, and other locations in North and South America.​

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